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DPF Cleaning and Diagnostics

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Up to Date Diagnostics Equipment

Stage One - Diagnostics

We diagnose the condition of the Diesel Particulate Filter & establish if it's blocked. Then we have to establish the cause because cleaning alone usually doesn't resolve the problem, if the cause isn't identified then it is likely to block again very soon.

Stage Two - Cleaning

The cleaning process involves injecting Specialist TerraClean fluid directly into the Diesel Particulate Filter. This process will break down the carbon particles enough to be able to pass through the filter and reduce the exhaust back pressure. The engines management will then allow a regeneration again.

Stage Three - Regeneration

After we have reduced the Filters content in stage two we then drive the car for about 1 mile, this will further reduce the content and back pressure and allow regeneration, we will then put the car through a regeneration cycle with our diagnostics equipment and reset any faults on the engine management system.

DPF Removal

mobile dpf cleaningIn 2002 DPF's were first fitted to some diesel cars in the UK and in 2009 it became law to have them on all diesel cars (2012 for vans & 4x4's). Since 2014 the removal of a factory fitted DPF was made Illegal, the problem this has created is very few technicians are trained in DPF trouble shooting because it was easier just to remove it, but as its now stands you are breaking the law to drive without the factory fitted DPF (your insurance will also be technically invalid as an undeclared modification). You could face up to a £2500 fine for a van and £1000 for a car and your MOT disqualified. You would then need your vehicle testing at a DVSA station with a DPF fitted. Recently the DVSA (new name for VOSA) has been taking steps towards DPF removal detection, and owners of vehicles that no longer have the factory fitted Filter, and are at risk of being caught and fined.

Regulation 61a are fines of up to £1,000 for a car or £2,500 for a light goods vehicle.


DPF Cleaning


DPF Injection CleaningWe come to you and diagnose your Diesel Particulate Filter and associated systems to establish causes for regeneration failure and unblock & regenerate your Filter.

With a 99% success rate for unblocking Filters we can happily say that if we can't unblock yours you will only pay for the diagnostic side of our work, (on rare occasions its actually the filter that is damaged).

We have built a good client base within the motor trade as we have been quickly recognised for our ability to clear a blocked DPF that would have previously had to be replaced at great expense. 

DPF Soot & Ash

Mobile DPF Cleaning LTD

DPF Soot

Soot is the particulate matter that collects inside the DPF and is burnt off automatically when it reaches a certain level, DPF's will  block in most cases due to a another fault on the car or short journeys, a partially blocked DPF can be  forced regenerated on our professional Diagnostic tool, a heavily blocked DPF can not be forced regenerated as the cars computer will prevent it from happening for safety reasons, we can clean and remove soot from a heavily blocked filter even one that is so blocked that the car won't run. We work for the trade and public  


A tiny amount of ash is left behind after a regeneration in the filter, this eventually builds up and reduces the filters capacity to store soot, when this happens the filter will regenerate more often using more fuel and eventually failing to clear the DPF sufficiently, there isn't a cleaner that can dissolve ash because the ash consists of minerals and metal, It is still possible to remove ash from the filter but involves removing the filter and sending away to be cleaned in a specialist machine that removes the ash without damaging the fragile DPF structure and restores it to a near new condition. The filter is also flow tested and before and after, this is a better option than fitting a cheap DPF, because an Original filter is made to far higher standards, and will last far longer and capture and Oxidize soot more effectively.